We are Positive Spin.


The current educational and political environment is in flux for early childhood and human service professionals as many systems-level changes aimed at increasing the quality of our work and outcomes are happening simultaneously. Though it is true that these changes can be identified as challenges, Positive Spin, LLC also sees this time in our field’s history as one of great opportunity. Our efforts are aimed at increasing the early childhood community capacity to adapt to these complex changes and inspiring people to engage in the process of shaping the future of our field. We do this by addressing the individual and organizational need to be a part of a unified voice and a collective expertise and by providing our communities with moral support and guidance focused on navigating personal and professional development.


Ellen M. Drolette

Ellen is passionate about advocating for children and families, for the early childhood workforce, and for equal access to high quality affordable child care. The varied professional roles she has played, including owning a family childcare program, being a Global Leader with the World Forum Foundation, engaging as a Board member of the National Association for Family Child Care, and authoring several articles for Exchange Magazine and a book for Red Leaf Press, have helped her to develop a broad understanding of the early childhood system and a comprehensive approach to supporting the workforce. Ellen is known widely for her commitment to children and families and was recognized as a Master Leader by Exchange Magazine in 2016. Her first book, Overcoming Teacher Burnout in Early Childhood: Strategies for Change was published in 2018 by Redleaf Press and focuses on how early childhood professionals can battle burnout and low morale in the workplace.


Lisa M. Guerrero, M.Ed.

Lisa has a passion for systems thinking and an interest in organizational and workforce development. She geeks out about collective impact theory, positive education, and bridging the gap between policy and community. Currently, much of Lisa's work is focused on the retention and professional development of the early childhood workforce which includes teaching at the Community College of Vermont, conference keynote and workshop presenting, and program consulting. She is also deeply involved at the local, state, and national level in supporting the systems and people that work towards creating a better future for children and families. When she is not working, Lisa is likely found with her nose in a book studying toward a PhD in Education Leadership, Policy, and Change or with her head in the clouds on a hike with her trusty Bernese Mountain Dog, Ruby.

“Positive Spin was very impactful and empowering. Lisa and Ellen did a great job of energizing everyone, making us feel like we are important to the system and that our voices are heard.”