Our Mission

Positive Spin, LLC aims to increase the capacity of individuals and organizations in an effort to maximize the potential for effective community engagement and positive social change for children and families.



Positive Spin strengthens communities by working directly with early childhood programs, schools, and family service organizations to increase internal capacity and expand professional networks to more effectively advance their missions.



Positive Spin brings energy and thought leadership to professional events across the globe. Vision. Intention. Passion. Authentic Engagement. Joy. These are the values that shape our keynote and conference presentations.


Early Childhood

Professional Development

With over 50 years of collective experience in the field of early childhood education and with a strong commitment to child-directed learning, family-centered approaches, strengths-based leadership practices, advocacy, and systems thinking, Positive Spin impacts and inspires early childhood professionals to maximize their potential as educators and change makers.

Ongoing Projects

The Empowerment Project

The Empowerment Project series generates a shared vision for our communities and uses a social innovations lab model to collectively design and implement creative solutions to addressing the early childhood issues that impact our everyday lives.


Overcoming Teacher Burnout

The Overcoming Teacher Burnout series explores strategies for avoiding burn-out and low-morale and uses inspiring stories from the field to examine the structures and practices that support the development of healthy attitudes and quality engagement in the work place.


Team Human

Team Human promotes the value of early childhood by giving members of the field an opportunity to identify and celebrate the essential skills, attributes, strengths and characteristics that they contribute to their communities.