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Appreciative Inquiry in Your Leadership Practice

Presenter: Ellen Drolette

What do you want more of (not less) in your program for your children, families or yourself? What has excited you about your work in the past year? Through questions, storytelling and continuous dialogue coupled with intentional engagement, we will create an atmosphere of open and curious mindsets. Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a change management approach that focuses on identifying what is working well, analyzing why it is working well and then doing more of it. The basic tenet of AI is that organizations, programs or individuals will grow in whichever direction that people in the organization focus their attention. AI is an opportunity to look at the culture of an organization (or individual) and decide if a shift should be made and if so how that would happen. Through a careful and intentional process that includes a growth mindset, we can explore the stages an organization would go through to make such a change on individual and organizational levels.